2015. szeptember 4., péntek

Ryoga performance

Once upon a time
 There was a little black pig

*enter P-chan*

He turned into a boy
When hot water was poured on him.

*water is poured on P-chan, Ryoga appears*

The boy was strong
Very strong

*pose, pose more, break walls*

He was a martial artist
He was training hard, day and night
To defeat his sworn enemy.

*bo stuff twirling in action here*

Now, he is ready to fight-

*proudly walks away*

He has no sense of direction…

*walks in the other direction... then the other... no, the first one was the correct, right?*

And he is very clumsy…

*falls offstage*

And sadly, when cold water is poured on him,

*bucket flies on stage*

he turns back into a cute little black pig.

*enter P-chan again*

Performance video:

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